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Bleach Liners

Every Story Starts With a Line...

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Welcome to Bleach Liners, a community where every week, a new sentence or line of dialogue will be presented and the members can either write a drabble or do art of that sentence or line and share it with the community. Every Sunday (or every other Sunday), a poll will go up and the winner will get to pick the next line or sentence for the next challenge.

Remember, this is for BLEACH ONLY, so all characters must be Bleach-related.

I hope this community will be a success!

Maintainer: starswing
Co-Mod: shyunpo

asterisk_plus; Rare and underrated pairings
20_souls- Bleach Chapter Challenge
12th_division- 12th Division. True love is all about research!
bleach_exchange- Bleach Secret Santa '05
bleach_ss- General Bleach community with news, information, etc.
bleach_pairings; Bleach Icon Challenge
brain_breakage- Writing community with challenges guaranteed to hurt your brain like whoa.
death_n_berry- In which knowing your chapter titles really comes in handy.
division_11- Division 11 Love. A Dysfunctional Family.
hitsuhina- Hitsugaya/Hinamori. Protective midget love.
ichi_ruki- Ichigo/Rukia. Death and the Strawberry.
tough_lovin-Ichigo/Tatsuki. Tough Lovin.
ikkanemu- Ikkaku/Nemu. Their love is so lucky. <3
karakura_chaos- Karakura fans. Hometown love~!
ken_yachiru- Kenpachi/Yachiru. A dangerously cute love.
kon_fans- Kon Fans. A stuffed animal and more.
locked_death- Locked Death :: A Bleach Battle RPG
renji_rukia- Renji/Rukia. A Star and a Stray Dog.
ren_tatsu- Renji/Tatsuki. Tough love at its best.
sbfireworks- Shiba Kaien. Dy-na-MITE, and his smile ain't bad either!
shiyori-Shinji/Hiyori. Totally not violent Palm and Monkey love.
shuuran- Shuuhei/Rangiku. They're compatible, ya know?
smoking_bleach- Crack pairing challenges.
soi_fans- Soi Fong Fans. Sting, Hornet.
tobiume_- Hinamori Fans. Snap, Flying Plum.
yorusoi- Yoruichi/Soi Fong. Ya know how to have fun when a cat comes.
yoru_fans- Yoruichi Fans. Cats and Godesses
yo_ur- Yoruichi/Urahara. So a cat walks into a store...

First Challenge: "You think I give a damn about fate?"- won by yachiru; Fate's Bitch
Second Challenge: "You don't need proof when you have instinct."- won by beckingham; Action Speaks Louder
Third Challenge: "Yeah, I'm impressed; let's go wreck it."- won by starswing; The Way to Her Heart
Fourth Challenge: "As You Wish."- won by paperthinskin; As You Wish
Fifth Challenge: "We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered."- won by yachiru; Embracing Embers
Sixth Challenge: "Violence is a calm that disturbs you."